San Juan Artisan Distillers

Puerto Rico’s Sugarcane
Estate Distillery

Established in 2011, San Juan Artisan Distillers, located in the coastal town of Vega Alta, is the first and only Sugarcane Estate Distillery in Puerto Rico.

Unique in its kind, we grow, harvest, ferment, and distill Sugarcane juice from Puerto Rican Heirloom varietals in our French Cognac Potstills.

RON PEPÓN, an award-winning “Ron Agrícola” made 100% from our Estate Sugarcane juice.

TRESCLAVOS Ron Caña, also an award-winning rum inspired by Puerto Rican tradition, a Ron Caña of exceptional quality infused with Locally Farmed Tropical Fruits.

San Juan Artisan Distillers is a farm to bottle distillery.

Our Artisanal Rums

thumbnail_RON PEPON

Ron Pepón Agricola is the first and only Ron Agrícola ever made in Puerto Rico, from our own Sugarcane juice. In our unique approach to rum distilling, we rescued Puerto Rican sugarcane cultivars from near extinction that we now grow, mill, ferment and double distill in our French Cognac Pot Stills.

Ron Pepón Blanco Agrícola, a well-balanced funky Agrícola Rum with notes of subtle herbal aromas of freshly cut sugarcane, mineral and sugar honey. Gold medal winner at the Fifty Best White Rums 2021.

Ron Pepón Añejo is aged for 24 to 36 months in American Oak Whiskey barrels in our Estate Bodega. The uniqueness of Ron Pepón Añejo delivers aromas of vanilla, charred wood, whiskey and the herbal notes and funkiness of Ron Pepón Blanco Agrícola that still comes through.

All bottles are marked by limited editions: numbered by Bottle, Batch and Year.


Handcrafted in our Estate Distillery, TRESCLAVOS Ron Caña Agrícola, inspired by Puerto Rican tradition, a Ron Caña of exceptional quality. Infused with Puerto Rican fruits, sourced from local farmers 50 miles or less from our Estate Distillery. TRESCLAVOS Ron Caña, 100% Natural, no preservatives or artificial colors added.

Available in seven expressions: Ginger Spice, Sweet Piña, Tuti Fruits, Passion Parcha, Rumba Mango, Coco Loco and Bili Quenepa.

logo tresclavos ronsanto

TRESCLAVOS Ronsanto is the first Antilliean rum blend made in Puerto Rico, using our Ron Pepón Agrícola Añejo in a blend with Agrícola Dominican rum, both made from sugarcane juice. One distilled in columns, ours in French Cognac Pot Stills, aged in American Oak Whiskey barrels in our Estate Bodega for 36 months.

An extraordinary rum expression with notes of dry
coconut, caramel, vanilla, whiskey, charred wood and
fruitiness. A well-balanced Ron Agrícola, handcrafted
100% in our Estate Distillery.

In a pionnering approach to rum
distilling in Puerto Rico, Pepe & Jose
Roberto Alvarez rescued from near
extinction Puerto Rican Sugarcane
cultivars, that are now cultivated,
milled, fermented and double distilled
in Charentais Single Batch French Copper Pot Stills.

Jose Roberto Álvarez Jr.,
Vice President-Head Distiller

Our Mission

“A contemporary approach to producing artisanal, handcrafted, estate premium distilled rums always quality over quantity”.

– Pepe Álvarez & Jose Roberto Álvarez

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